Rolling Hills Radio Club

Rolling Hills, California

Club Repeater


An Open Repeater For All Radio Amateurs

Analog - 445.300 MHz, - 5 MHz offset, PL 127.3 Hz

DMR - 445.300 MHz, - 5 MHz offset, Color Code 1

News and Events

K6RH now has a new 11 dB gain antenna allowing improved coverage in Orange County

K6RH is now operating from 1400 foot San Pedro Hill on the Palos Verdes Peninsula

The K6RH repeater has been upgraded to a Motorola XPR-8300 Analog and DMR system 

K6RH is in now in dual analog / DMR mode

The DCS two meter link is operational

The DCS DMR talk group is operational

The Los Angeles County Disaster Communications Service conducts their weekly network on Monday from 1900 to 2000 hours Pacific time. During this period the K6RH

445.30 MHz repeater is linked to W6TRW on 145.32 MHz.

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The Rolling Hills Radio Club (RHRC) is located on the top of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the City of Rolling Hills, California, overlooking the Los Angeles Basin as well as the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Our organization welcomes ALL radio amateurs, primarily serving the Southern California Community. The membership has various interest in Amateur Radio running the gambit from HF DX'ing, Contesting, Field Day operations to UHF, VHF, even microwaves. We're also there to provide disaster communications to the community in time of need.

All interested Radio Amateur Operators are encouraged to contact our membership chairman, W6VA, at for more information on how to be a part of the RHRC and participate in the enjoyment of Amateur Radio. There are NO dues or repeater system maintenance charges, just being a part of an organization dedicated to Amateur Radio is our only requirement. Our OPEN repeater system is available to ALL who are interested. It is also absolutely FREE and is encouraged to be used for any amateur radio activity. We just ask that it be used solely for the purpose of the community support as well as the hobby and that courtesy and respect are the only requirements to operate.

We even offer technical information to those in need. This is handled by our technical advisory committee headed up by WA6MEM who can be reached at . The RHRC wants to be a full service group, meeting the needs of the Amateur Radio and surrounding Community.

Please join us, as we look forward to you being a part of the growing community of the RHRC. Thank you for stopping by to check us out. Our web site is under construction so visit often for updates and changes. 

Best 73, STU (W6TA) Trustee of the RHRC.

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Last update: March 8, 2019